Cloudflare blocking zoom

Cloudflare is blocking my access to zoom and I don’t have any domains on Cloudflare!

I have already contacted zoom and the issue is not from them.

That image is from Cloudflare security rule preventing you from accessing the page. Zoom are the only ones who can trace to what blocked you.


On the bottom right corner it says Cloudflare… I don’t have a domain on Cloudflare. Why is Cloudflare listed for “performance and security”? I’ve spent weeks with zoom and they said it’s Cloudflare.

The person working their helpdesk may not be familiar with their cf configuration or aware of it. Can you try again from incognito mode, a mobile device, or just a different browser? I just hit that page without a block.

(Is there anything different about the way you are trying to access it today than what you have been doing in the past, different machine, different IP, browser, extensions? Have you successfully accessed that site before?)

It open in incognito, but will not open in regular chrome. This problem started a few weeks ago and I’ve gone back and forth and no one can help me fix it!

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Can you try firefox or safari? Did anything change with your Chrome instance in the last couple weeks, upgrade? Any extensions or ad blockers added to the mix?

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no changes to chrome. I had a new domain on Cloudflare that I changed to google hosting. (I appreciate your help)

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When you get a moment, can you scan your machine for malware and let us know. I’ll dig into the this further tomorrow as well.

Is there any browser extension on your chrome that may be influencing your request signature?

If you are still receiving the block when visiting that link you will need to reach out to zoom again to see why this happened.

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