CloudFlare blocking Zapier integration!

I’m having hard time connecting Zapier to our WooCommerce and it keeps giving us error “authentication failed: Authentication response parse failed.”

I opened a ticket on Zapier and their tech support says CloudFlare is blocking their HTTP endpoints. I’m not a developer but I tried everything including turning off many of CloudFlare features and paused it but it still didn’t work!

They are pointing me to: Developer Documentation - WooCommerce Zapier Documentation

What settings do I need to turn off on CloudFlare to allow Zapier to integrate with WooCommerce? I turned of HTTP2 as well but didn’t help.

And do I need to have these settings always off for Zapier to work OR just once to connect the apps and then I can turn them back on?

I would really appreciate your help!

In that case the issue will definitely be with them as, in that case, Cloudflare is not involved at all in the connection.

I’d leave it paused for now and contact your host again and work with them to resolve that. I am afraid Cloudflare can’t help here.

Do you have Super Bot Fight Mode on?

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