Cloudflare Blocking WordPress Uploads Help

HI there, thanks for your support here.

We searched for this online but not finding a clear answer to our question.

We have a Wordpress website with Cloudflare enabled, pro version.

When uploading a plugin Cloudflare blocks the upload and would like to understand how we can temporarily remove this block.

We tried many different plugins and all have the same issue, see attached screenshot.

Any suggestions?

Does it mean you got this error page shown while uploading a .zip file containing plugin files? :thinking:

If you navigate to the CF dasboard → WAF → Overview, you should see the blocked firewall event.
Could you share which Rule ID or Ruleset is shown in the details when you click to “expand” that particular firewall event in the table view from the bottom of the page? :thinking:
Using this, you could navigate to the “Managed Rules” tab, therefore use the button “Add Exception”.

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