Cloudflare Blocking Wordfence Scan


i have a problem happened without any changes from my side, Wordfence Scan was working perfect over a year & a few days suddenly scan stopped and gives me this error:

i refered to Wordfence support & they told me that Cloudflare blocking your Server IP & i have to make a rule in WAF to allow it & i did the following rules but still same problem:

& scan works fine just after pausing Cloudflare

so what is the problem?


On your 4th link you forgot to redact the IP address. You can use the edit button and replace that image link.

When you run a scan and it is blocked, a WAF event should be logged. Please head to Dashboard > Security > Events, and check if there are requests being blocked that match your scan, then post back here a screenshot or the JSON for the event, that will help identify what’s at play.

THx for your reply & warning me, but can you tell me where is the edit button as i can’t see it any where.

Thank God the i fixed the issue as i found the server IP got denyed in .htaccess file which is strange as i never edit this file


Check your history of plugin updates, some plugins will edit/update the .htaccess file.

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actually i dont have this edit button, maybe because my account is new ?

That could be it, not sure. In any case, you can just delete the image from imgur and that should 404 any visitors.


Really Thx for your help :heart: