CloudFlare Blocking when Uploding Images WordPress

Hi there, yes we have searched for the answer and not finding the solution.

We have been having ongoing issues with our WordPress website, when uploading an image, we get an error, image too large, upload smaller version of the image or try again later, we have been troubleshooting many plugins to see if there is a conflict and found nothing.

Today we experimented with allowlisting our IP address in Cloudflare and the problem is gone, can you let us know why Cloudflare has been blocking us, whats the reason and how do we stop this, my assumption is that we will have the same issue when we try uploading from another location.

To replicate the issue, we remove our allowlisted IP from cloudflre, then upload an image.

Under WAF, we created a rule, IP address source equals, Chose action, SKIP and selected all of the options under WAF components to skip.

We tried other browsers, tried with SSL enabled and disabled, these did not fix the issue.

this is a screenshot that we took earlier, not sure if it helps.

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