Cloudflare blocking Smart TV Browser

Hello. I’ve got an LG Smart TV and since yesterday evening I cannot access a website I’ve been checked by Cloudflare many times before, but this time it’s unending. Sometimes the “I am human” button appears, but as soon as I summon the TV’s cursor to click it it disappears and the Ray ID keeps changing every few seconds. Help please. I tried changing DNSes on the TV, restoring factory settings and changing DNS to on the modem.

Update: I called my ISP and bought dynamic IP service. I reset the TV back to factory settings again and tried connecting it when my modem had a new IP. Still the same problem. How is this possible? Does Cloudflare hate my TV specifically now? My flatmate also has this problem, from yesterday evening. Ideas? I really need my TV shows…

That is entirely due to configuration on made by the website operator. You should contact them, and give them the RayID of one of the failed requests.

I deliver content to a wide range of devices including LG TVs, and Cloudflare only block traffic when I explicitly configure those blocks.

Hey. Thank you for telling me, but in the meantime I checked another website that uses Cloudflare and it has the same problem. From what my flatmate tells me (who also has an LG TV, similar model) he was blocked from various sites from yesterday evening as well. And he watches completely different things than me. Is it possible that somehow my and his IP got blocked by one site and it’s blacklisted everywhere that used Cloudflare?

I contacted someone at and he changed something that I’m not scanned by Cloudflare so cool. However, other sites still block me. Where should I go? Cloudflare support or is this something my ISP can solve? This is most vexing. My TV was fine for over two months and now there seems to be no solution.

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