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I’ve been searching through the community, but can’t find the answer. There seems to be some setting in our Cloudflare account that is blocking users that hit a page multiple times. This recently began and I have no idea how to fix it. We need to get this fixed asap.


What are they seeing? They could be rate-limited, which is set in Firewall → Tools.

Most events like this will show up as a Firewall Event, which are logged in you Cloudflare dashboard account.

Here’s what they are seeing:

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You’d have to check with Clickfunnels, as they appear to have control over your website.

Thanks. I did speak with them and they said it’s coming from Cloudflare blocking the browser ID. We are using Clickfunnels to build it, but it’s hosted through Cloudflare. So there is some setting in Cloudflare that’s causing the issue.

The error clearly says you’re unable to access Clickfunnels.

What’s the actual domain?

That looks very much like your domain is attached to a Clickfunnels configuration. It’s not even using the standard set of Free/Pro/Business plan IP address. It’s on an Enterprise Plan, which means it’s controlled by Clickfunnels.

I don’t know what they can expect you to be able to do. Especially when the error clearly states it’s

Just to be thorough, go to the Firewall section of your domain at, there’s an Events Log that you can filter by Ray ID. Type in the one from the error screen you posted and see if that event comes up.

Thanks for your help. I’m not seeing anything in the events, so somehow, Clickfunnels has changed our configuration and is running it through them. This is so frustrating. I’ll reach back out to them and see what they say.

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You have a cname dns record pointing to clickfunnels. Did you not set that up? Site loads fine for me.

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This is where it gets really confusing for me. We are building the landing pages in Clickfunnels, but we’re using Cloudflare for our DNS:

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So, how do we make sure we’re using our Cloudflare account?

You really can’t. You’re just using Cloudflare DNS at this point.

You’re effectively building your landing pages through someone else’s Cloudflare service. You can’t fire up your own Cloudflare service, then make them use your service instead. Unless you’re bigger and stronger, by which I mean an Enterprise customer.

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