Cloudflare blocking requests with request body greater than 100 kb

I have a Pro account. It looks like cloudflare is blocking my requests with request body greater than 100 kb. I read that Cloudflare supports upto 100 mb. Is there any setting somewhere that i need to look at? All the other smaller requests are going thru fine. Any thoughts?

Thank you

What error message are you getting?

The message that I’m seeing on the browser log is a 403 Forbidder with a strict-origin-when-cross-origin (has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource). However, im pretty sure that CORS isn’t the issue here. I used Postman to post the stripped-down version (to reduce the size) of the request and it went through fine. Also, other smaller requests are successful to the same endpoint / same functionality.

Hello presleypaul

Cloudflare does indeed support up to 100 MB for Pro accounts, but if you’re experiencing blocks, it could be due to specific Cloudflare settings or rules in place. Please check the following:

  1. Review your Cloudflare Security events to ensure there are no rules that might be blocking this request.

In this case you would need to review the Rules that it triggered and adjust the Paranoia Level or create exceptions (if required) to allow the request through.

  1. Check your Cloudflare WAF (Web Application Firewall) settings for any rules that may be set to block requests over a certain size.



This worked, thank you!

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