Cloudflare Blocking QB Online / WooCommerce Connector

Im not sure why but I have allowlisted a long list of IPs provided by the company who created the QB online connector for woocommerce and everytime they try and pull data from the website they get a 403 forbidden error.

Any ideas on how to make an exception or have their program bypass cloudlflare security? I have also paused cloudflare and it still did not work.

An IP access rule. What have you tried?

Then it’s not cloudflare as by pausing you are bypassing.

The 403 forbidden error implies that the server is refusing the connection from the IP. Along with allowlisting the IPs, you could also try creating a Firewall Rule in your Cloudflare dashboard that associates with the specific User-Agent of the QB online connector, with the action set to ‘Bypass’ and then ‘Security Level’. This should allow the connector to bypass Cloudflare’s security evaluations. If issues continue, please check your server logs to identify if the blocking is happening at the server level.

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