Cloudflare blocking podcast feed even though page rules say bypass

The feed is Summit For Wellness Podcast and right now if you enter that into the browser nothing populates. Podcast directories are no longer able to pull from the feed either. However if I remove cache in the url and use Summit For Wellness Podcast then it pulls up fine. This problem has started within the last week, and I have made no updates to my site in that time. Did something change on Cloudflare’s end?

Can you be more specific?

For example, my Firefox wants to download it, while if I cuse cURL or some other PHP reader, I can clearly see the feed and do what is needed to do with it later.

<!-- podcast_generator="Blubrry PowerPress/8.7" mode="advanced" feedslug="podcast" Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin for WordPress ( -->

Blubrry PowerPress/8.7 If that is the plugin you are using to generate feed, while the URLs provided from above are application/xml, you are good to go.

May I ask where do you delete it / remove the URL from cache (bypass it)?

  1. By using Cloudflare Page Rules?
  2. Or cache at your WordPress using some plugin like W3 Total Cache or some other
  3. Or some third-party from the hosting provider, Litespeed cache, etc.?

Both RSS URLs seems to be valid and passes through:

Is the issue here, that you always see the same feed items, no matter if any new is being published?

I was able to get it back up. I had to fully delete my site then restore a backup from a few days ago. Now I am trying to figure out how it got compromised in the first place. I also discovered that my website host has server caching on their end that was preventing it from fully purging all cache as well.

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