Cloudflare blocking my IP?

I once had a similar issue, but it has been resolved without need for repair.

Came here to report the same issue others are having: getting the Cloudflare captcha on many sites I visit out of nowhere. Checked my IP address on and many other sites, came out clean. All devices are malware free and up to date.

I’m going to unplug the router overnight and hope my ISP gives me a new IP address, but I shouldn’t have to do that. Why can’t Cloudflare tell me:

  1. why my IP address has been blocked
  2. what I can do to get the IP address cleared?
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The issue is now resolved for me, for seemingly no reason. I had tried turning off my router for a few minutes a few times, to no avail. With no other action, I can now connect to websites normally. Perhaps CF fixed something on their end or my IP was cleared over time (over the course of one day), either way I hope CF can prevent this from happening again.

This issue is still NOT resolved for me it has now been almost 2 days I would really like to know what is going on with this.And why a company I have never heard of is interfering with my day to day life. I can not access without a captcha, I can not load faceitclient without (faceit.coms anti-cheat). I can not access without a captcha request. I can not access escapefromtarkov homepage without a captcha request. I can not access the actual game of escapefromtarkov because of this problem. Can we get a official responds to this? Or is there one some where I can be linked 2 ? plz fix

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Cloudflare is protecting the websites you are trying to visit. It has been covered multiple times in this thread why you may be receiving the challenges. @cloonan has already mentioned that it is being looked into, why more people are receiving captchas.


Agreed AND it would be helpful to contact site owners involved because they may be applying additional restrictions based on ASN, Country etc.


im getting this still but i can access the websites again tho. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

will this go away cause its abit annoying having to deal with it everytime i go to websites that have Cloudflare

To protect the website you are visiting.

Please read this post that has been linked to several times already here. Yes, if your reputation is clean, it will reset.


It’s impossible to expect sites to disable security but if you try to work with the volunteers in this community, people will try to help. Please remember, this is a very unique issue that hundreds of millions are not.

Have you followed all other suggestions?
What specific browser, OS and/devices’s are you testing with?
What’s your ISP, IP or anything else you can think of that can help?
Have you contacted the site owners?
Is your browser blocking any trackers or cookies?
Does your browser delete cookies or site data when closed?
Do you use any browser plugins or system utilities that block or clear history?

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The Web page access server returns a 403 error and needs to include the verification code in the returned information to prove that it is not a robot. How can I solve this problem? Thank you.

The solution is in the link that’s been posted several times in this thread.


I have the same problem, but even without a captcha.

I can’t even visit a lot of Cloudflare sites without a proxy now.
It looks like somebody just banned all addresses of my Internet provider.

My IP become static five years ago. It is clear at projecthoneypot. I have never got a virus, I am not a spammer, not a some legendary Russian hacker, I am just a normal man.

So I have the same questions as xewayaluzi:

  1. why my IP address has been blocked?
  2. what I can do to get the IP address cleared?

Please read the rest of the thread. The link has been posted many times!

If I forget and leave my Windscribe vpn turned on, I often get a Captcha challange from many websites.

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I have no CAPTCHA at all.

Contact the site owner, something they have set up in Cloudflare is causing you to be blocked (probably a firewall rule).

One of the expertises of a hacker is to be able to pretend to navigate the internet from IPs that are not their own. Otherwise it would be difficult for them to stay out of jail for long.

Make sure your operating system (WIndows, MacOS, Linux etc) is up to date in terms of protection against virus, malware etc, and have a firewall that prevents your connection from being exploited.

Also, make sure your router has an updated firmware and that it follows other security best practices Google “router security” and you’ll find many pages from reputable websites with recommended settings.

I had this happen to me once. It’s very frustrating, though I am a CF customer who uses CF to protect dozens of sites I admin.

In my case, what happened is that my home ISP provides me service behind a NAT firewall, so I am sharing the public IP address I use with a lot of other customers of my ISP. One of those other customers was running a spam operation and the IP address got listed on a spam blacklist. As soon as I started seeing CF captchas everywhere, I knew something was up and I checked my public IP on a blacklist checker and sure enough it was on a couple blackhole lists. I brought this to the attention of my ISP and they immediately switched the NAT provisioned for my service to a different IP address, found the spammer and kicked them off the service.

There was really nothing that CF could have done about my situation as it was totally outside their control and they were simply providing the service that I and many other website operators have hired them for - protecting the site from bad actors. In my case, I got put into that category because of someone else’s actions and I had to do a little work and get a little help from my ISP to fix it.


If you all are on the same ISP or use the same ISP supplied router then it may be indicating a mass infection of a ISPs routers by malware.

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