Cloudflare blocking my IP


For some reason today I’m unable to load any sites protected by cloudflare. I get constant “verify you are human” prompts. I’ve scanned all my devices for malware and found nothing. I don’t use the Internet behind a VPN or anything. I’m just an average user. Is there a support address or something which I can email requesting for this to be unblocked?

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Any support address that you can email about being blocked would need to be from the site that you are trying to access. Cloudflare has no ability to change customer settings. Site operators are the only ones in control of what is blocked from reaching their sites.

Have you tried in a new browser profile with no extensions?

Yes I have tried no Extensions. This is happening on all of my devices. And it’s not just 1 site, it’s many. Basically any site that uses cloudflare

Have you tried from a different IP address?

Yes I have and it works OK. So I know it’s some kind of ip blocking that’s happened

Your IP may have reputation issues. If your address is dynamic, it may be unrelated to anything that you have done. It’s also possible that activity from other IPs in the same network have led to the larger network being affected.

If you can reach an affected site through other means, that is your only viable recourse.

Is this something that usually sorts itself out over time? Or are IPs blocklisted permanently?

I don’t have any insight into that question.

OK. I really need some support. Right now I can’t use any shopping sites, some of my TV streaming services don’t work, certain apps on my phone won’t load unless I turn off WiFi. And all because cloudflare have somehow flagged my IP. I don’t have the ability to change my IP with my ISP so that’s not an option. I need some help from cloudflare to allowlist my IP. This is crazy.

As previously stated there is nothing that Cloudflare can do. Only the site operators can help you.

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You’re not understanding, this isn’t one site. It’s every site which uses cloudflare.

If CF is flagging legitimate traffic, by definition that is a problem with CF that they’re incapable of properly separating bots vs legitimate users.

Cloudflare doesn’t make the decision you are attributing to them. There is nothing they can do.

You have no recourse other than what was already indicated. The only party who can allow your connection, whether the underlying reason is your IP or something else, is the site operator. Cloudflare cannot intercede here.

This is not a new situation. You are not the first person to post in the Community hoping that Cloudflare can allow your connection to a site that uses Cloudflare security tools. In every case you will find that the answer is consistently a referral to the operator of the affected site.

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Hello obarton77,

If you’re encountering persistent verification prompts (CAPTCHAs), it’s likely due to your IP Address being perceived as risky on Cloudflare’s threat intelligence platform. Cloudflare doesn’t block IPs directly. However, Cloudflare uses a variety of data sources, including Project Honeypot, to compile a reputation for each visitor’s IP address.

The site owner controls these settings, and these changes can only be done by them.

Regarding support, you can contact Cloudflare Support through the official website. However, due to the reason mentioned above, your best resolve is usually contacting the owner of the webpage you are trying to access.

You could also try contacting your ISP and ask them if they can assign you a new IP address.

In some cases, these CAPTCHAs resolve themselves after a period of time, so you can also wait for a while, then try again.


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