Cloudflare blocking multiple IPs

So I have this problem where 15 days ago, Cloudflare blocked my IP. I had no way to work around it, so I had to call my ISP to change it.
This morning it happened again, not on one, but multiple addresses.
I’m using 3 networks for mining, one of which is shared with 2 TVs and 6 users on wifi, second of them has 1 TV, 1 laptop and 3 mobile phones using wifi and the third one is only for mining, nothing has been connected over wifi on that network for over a month.
So the message/error I get is:“Cloudflare is blocking your IP
This may be because a computer on your network is infected with a virus or other malware.
Use antivirus program, change the external IP addrss, oc contact your local ISP.”
The typos are marked with *.

So I got my IPs changed again, all 3 locations are on the same address alone, with no other users. Mainly because they claim to never had this problem before and also to monitor bandwith usage before I get blocked again, also so they don’t get 3 new addresses banned. They told me they won’t be able to afford doing it again, because they have a limited number of IPs purchased.

How do I avoid this from happening again? Sure maybe the 2 households couls have went on shady sites, got viruses or whatever the problem could be, but how did the sole mining rig with no other network usage get blocked?

The site I use to control my rigs is and they tried their best to help me, but on the end it all revolves with me trying to sort it out with CF.
Any suggestions, other than changing my ISP or operating system are welcome.
The ISP is really curious as well and wants me to keep them updated.
Thanks in advance!

Is it completely blocked? Or can you get through to their website with a CAPTCHA challenge. It sounds like it’s this:


Create a firewall rule, allowing your IP to go through your origin!


Update your antivirus software and run a full system scan. Cloudflare can not override the security settings the site owner has set for the domain. To request website access, contact the site owner to allow your IP address. If you cannot determine how to contact the website owner, lookup contact information for the domain via the Whois database .

The 1st time I had no captcha to solve for sure, last time I was out for work and couldn’t access my rigs through the software that I use to manage them to check, so I just requested an IP change. If there was a captcha, how would I solve it on non windows machines? The OS I use for them doesn’t really have many things in it, it’s like a “make-shift”, gutted linux OS. If I was to access any CF site on my phone using wifi to solve the captcha, would that sort it for all connected devices on the network? Thanks for responding!

Contacted the moderators and support of the site and they told me they can’t really help me much, since their security is set at the lowest possible level, that it’s not in their power and how CF doesn’t often respond to them. I will try to find out how to do the firewall rule, maybe my school mate that works for the ISP can help me out. Thanks!

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