Cloudflare blocking me as visitor

Hi, I am a Cloudflare newbie and not tech savvy.
I’ve got Cloudflare on my site but don’t really understand it.

Ive been having problems for a while accessing a lot of web pages from my Mac (other one on same network fine). I realised yesterday that my antivirus wasn’t set up so sorted it and ran a full scan which picked up and quarantined ‘Trojan.sesfix.1’

The web stuff hasn’t improved and I’ve realised that certain sites are blocking me with Cloudflare - giving the error code 1020

I’m wondering if the Trojan was using my computer for something and given my computer a ‘bad name’? Could I be right? If so, what can I do? I’ve searched but the main advice seems to be contact the webowner - but it’s been quite a few sites so wonder if there’s something I need to do?

Thanks, and apologies for what is probably a super simple question!

Make sure that all devices on your network are free of malware and then it’s pretty much just a waiting game.

1020 means a firewall rule of the website has blocked your request but only the site owner can tell you what part of their firewall rule that you tripped.

Thanks you, yes, they’re all clear. Annoyed with myself because I’m normally so religious about antivirus software.

After posting I realised that I have a VPN and tried that - I was able to access the site. Not a long term solution but I guess for now while I wait? Thanks

As per, it seems like the threshold for a High security level is 14 days - so within 2 weeks, it should be back to normal.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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