Cloudflare blocking main thread loading time - Google PSI

Google page speed has been reporting lower mobile scores for my web pages for two months or more now. I checked and it seems that they are all showing the same error: “Reduce the impact of third-party code Third-party code blocked the main thread for X ms” The third party source is Cloudflare. Some of the times reported are extreme. This is not happening on desktop tests. I currently have over a thousand pages reporting this same error, but with varying degrees of blocking time:

This report is for the page:

I tested on using Apple iphone and LTE speed and oddly enough every page is reporting a timeout as well, but on the second run only. I tried disabling some of my firewall rules but it had no effect, this is a problem with cloudflare, not just my account. I see some related posts here but has there been any resolution of this issue? Thanks

I seem to have resolved this myself. I just turned off RocketLoader and both issues went away. My score in PSI went up from the 30’s-40’s into the mid 70’s and the cloudflare issue went away. Webpagetest also was able to complete both tests. I sure wish I had known about the Rocketloader problem months ago!