Cloudflare Blocking Lightshot (Cannot Upload Screenshots)

We have been using Lightshot (Screenshot Capture Tool) for quite some time now.

Viewing and uploading screenshots to Lightshot’s servers was not an issue until recently. We are now getting a Cloudflare captcha challenge every time we try to view or upload a Lightshot screenshot.

The above does not happen when we use a VPN connection, only a normal connection. So, it proves our IP has been flagged by Cloudflare’s WAF.

How can we fix the above? Any ideas? If we share the above with Cloudflare Support and provide our IP address(es), can they fix it?

Thank you!

The same thing happens to me, but this is a Lightshot issue. They use Cloudflare, so they need to fix their settings. Cloudflare Support will not override Lightshot’s security choices.

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Hi @sdayman,

Glad to know we’re not the only ones having this issue. Did you contact Lightshot for a solution? If yes, how and what did they say or do?

Thank you!

No, I haven’t. Even worse, after I go through the CAPTCHA, the page I see is all messed up and I don’t see the posted images, so I just don’t click on Lightshot links.

Thanks. Yes, we’re having the exact same issue.

We tried to reach them at [email protected], but still haven’t received a reply (over 3 weeks now).

I bet there are many other users experiencing the same issue.

Until they decide to fix their CF settings, etc, we are using Lightshot for screenshot captures, then uploading them to which is a lot better than Lightshot (many options offered). It’s an extra step for us, but works well.

Tip (you may know this already): To solve the above, use both a VPN connection and the Lighthouse browser add-on or extension. The limitation is that you can only upload screenshots taken within your browser, not desktop nor laptop.


I didn’t know this, but I’m going with Option 2: Not use Lightshot.

Yep, we’re heading in that direction.

The above tip will help you view Lighshot screenshots uploaded by other users.

Last item … what are you using for capturing screenshots?


I really only use Screenshots here, so I Cmd-Shift-4 on my Mac to capture it, then drag it into the message editor. For blog posts, it’s the same process.

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Awesome, thanks!

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