Cloudflare blocking HP Sure Click Enterprise Secure Browser


We are using the HP Sure Click Enterprise Secure Browser in our Corporate Network.
We cant access any websites that uses Cloudflare Protection. The Cloudflare Site ceeps loading and loading and the Ray ID changes randomly every few seconds.
We have to use other webbrowsers like Firefox or MS Edge to access Websites protected by Cloudflare and our network Security team is not very happy when we have to avoid internal security standards.

Would be nice if you could look into this.

Kind Regards

I wonder if the IP you’re using is a static one or not :thinking:

I haven’t used this web browser yet. Maybe it’s the user-agent being suspicious? :thinking:
Does it contain some special security & privacy settings, or using some kind of a web browser extension like a VPN?

Hello, Thanks for the Response :slight_smile:

We have a static IP

The Browser uses the HP Wolf Security to open unknown / untrusted websites in a micro-vm
No we dont use VPN. our internet connection is behind a firewall and other security devices, but thats not the problem cause other browsers can pass the Cloudflare security check.
In the zabbix forum, where the problem first occured they told me it seems that HP Sure Click Enterprise Secure Browser is not listet a trustworth and therefore the security check fails.

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