Cloudflare blocking google bot from crawling

if i disabled proxy and try to submit sitemap in google search console it succeeds. But when proxies are enabled then i canot submit sitemap on google How can i fix this issue.

You can find out what feature is blocking this in your Firewall Events

From there you can use Firewall Rules to make an exception.

Maybe if you are using Cloudflare firewall rules, is blocking all or even “good bots”, kindly re-check and add to the existing one via expression:

and not

On default it should not block Google bot even with “Bot Fight Mode” enabled, etc.

Do you have any log data from your server where the Google bot is blocked, or do you see any blocked request from “Google bot” on Cloudflare dashboard?
Or any other error appearing in Google Search Console?

Do you have a file robots.txt in your Web directory and allowed Google bot to crawl your sitemap URL?

Also, maybe you are blocking sitemap.xml or whatever URI to it due to the security rules added in your .htaccess (Apache) i Nginx.conf / Vhost file for your Website?