Cloudflare blocking Firefox

Sorry i know i sound stupid, but i dont know what i did, and now CF is blocking Firefox for every user everywhere. The website runs fine on all other browsers. It is the generic message showing on firefox -

"You have been banned from this site.

If you think there has been a mistake, please contact the administrator via proxy server."

Weird still, i can access all the sub-domains and /wp-admin of the primary website without any issues. it is when users browse ‘www/website/com’ is when they get the above message.

*There are no rules on WAF
*Tried with all plugins disabled on the website
*Scrape Shield is on but not configure. (tried turning them off, but didnt work)

If you guys have faced the same issue, id love to hear from you to help me fix this very frustrating issue.

That won’t be a Cloudflare message and you’d need to contact the administrator as the message says.

What’s the domain?


Thanks, Sandro, i will look into that.

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