Cloudflare blocking Facebook. How to fix it?

Hello. I set up my site on Cloudflare after a recommendation from my data center, due to a possible attack by bots. It advised me to enable the “I’m Under Attack mode”, but I see that it blocks Facebook from accessing the articles info.

When sharing a link of my website in Facebook, no image shows and nothing shows up except the Link of my website. I can understand that it because I block us too.

I have added these exceptions (see screenshot) but Facebook still cannot access my site, and the debugger returns a 404 error.

There any way to allow Facebook to access my website so that it can show my website content when sharing it?

Thank you

ASN equals 32934 AND ASN equals 63293 can never be true. That should be an OR.


Oh, you are absolutely right. I fixed it, and now the Facebook debugger works.

Thank you!

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These get easier to understand and combine with other expressions by using the “Is In” operation:


@michael thank you

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