Cloudflare blocking errors

As many others have posted in the past, Cloudflare often creates false blocks for IP addresses that are not blacklisted and have no issues. My ISP provides static IP addresses and a couple of months ago the typical Cloudflare erroneous blocking of my IP address started to prevent me from accessing websites who use Cloudflare without realising it doesnt work properly. My ISP were reluctant to change my static IP because there were no blacklisting issues with it and no reason for Cloudflare or anyone else to block it, but in the end I convinced them to change it and for a while it was ok.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare has now decided to block my new IP in error so I am back to the same situation. I do keep emailing all sites that i get blocked on letting them know Cloudflare doesnt work properly and they are losing customers as a result and suggesting the get their IT department to disable Cloudflare and use a more reliable service.

I realise its almost certain that all I will get by posting here is denial from Cloudflare about the failings of their product, but given how many people have raised it in the past and how common the issue is, maybe one more voice will help push Cloudflare to fix their product.

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Have any of those site operators replied to you? It would be nice if they see if your attempted access show up in their Firewall Log.

Considering you’re able to get to this website, it doesn’t appear to be a complete block. Can you reach

Hi sdayman, thanks for the reply, I am able to reach this site only by hotspotting my phone and using the mobile data. So my IP on my broadband service is blocked here as well.

The only sites i have managed to speak to someone have not been helpful, they basically dont even know what cloudflare is! They said they would pass it on to their IT teams, but who knows if they bother?!

You are not alone! The exact same thing happened to me a couple days ago, I was basically cut off from large portions of the internet that is run on Cloud Flare (a lot!) and lost income as a result. My IP is also clean. I tried asking about an IP unblocking mechanism here (you’d think it should be legally required to have one much like the unsubscribe button in newsletters), but my post here apparently was deleted as well 🤷 Looks like Cloud Flare does not want to accept responsibility for creating this hardship for some unsuspecting internet users.

I am looking forward to hearing back from Cloud Flare and hopefully they can fix their issues by letting users instantly unblock themselves if they get blacklisted by mistake. Ultimately, mistakes happen, but Cloud Flare does need to take responsibility for them.

However, if I get ignored and don’t hear back from Cloud Flare, I will be escalating this issue with the FCC, EC, and whatever it takes to make sure that an internet giant like Cloud Flare (or others) does not have the power to cut me off internet on a whim, without any transparency whatsoever, and bear no responsibility for their mistakes.

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