Cloudflare Blocking Email Client?


I have been having trouble setting up email on one of my sites. The account is set up in the hosting control panel but I can’t get the mail client (e.g. Thunderbird) to connect to it.

I am using Hostgator for hosting (shared plan) but the domain is registered with Godaddy. I have spoken to Hostgator support and they have advised because I am using Cloudflare name servers, this is where the problem lies. They have advised I need to change back to hostgator name servers to get the email to work, and lose cloudflare (I have a feeling though that the person offering support was just trying to get rid of me at this point though!).

An MX entry for the email server has been added on cloudflare, which I assumed was all that was required.

Could anyone offer some advice on how to resolve this please?

Site is


It’s usually due to :orange: entries in DNS:

Thanks for the reply, as per the tutorial I have greyed out a couple of the clouds on the proxy status column and played around with the port settings a bit for incoming and outgoing mail and it seems to be working so far.

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