Cloudflare blocking email automation

I use Hostinger, a Cloudflare partner. No gray clouds in DNS. All DNS records are in the hosting account, not Cloudflare. Cloudflare blocks Amazon SES emails sent through Groundhogg. No user can get all the way through an opt-in funnel. Most of Cloudflare’s documentation is completely useless for people who use CF via Cloudflare partners.

I’m using Litespeed’s WP plugin. This also blocks SES emails and automation. I’m also using Litepeed’s server level caching. This also blocks SES emails and automation.

What do I do? Thanks.

Cloudflare is not involved with outbound email delivery in any meaningful way (beyond that the receiving server might do some DNS queries).

What exactly fails? Do you have any errors?

Hi. I created an opt-in funnel with a form submission, a confirmation email, a confirmation page, and a final welcome email.

With CF on, the user gets as far as the confirmation email. When they click the link, instead of going to the you are confirmed page, they’re rerouted to some manage preferences radio button page. That’s as far as they get. They do not get the lead magnet.

The problem occurs if either CF or the Litespeed plugin or the server level caching or a combination of any of the above are on.

There are no gray clouds in DNS records, so CF’s troubleshooting instructions are completely useless. I’m doing my best to avoid having to add or edit 2 DNS records (at host and CF) every time I want to add or edit ONE DNS record. Cloudflare partners pass along your DNS info to CF from your CPanel, HPanel, etc. That way you don’t have to log into two user interfaces and edit everything twice.

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