Cloudflare blocking email addresses on plugins on my website

I have recently started using Cloudflare for my website, and unfortunately since using Cloudflare I am no longer able to access 2 crutial parts of my website.

I have a contact us form, as well as an online quote system.

When using both of these forms and entering both a hotmail and google email address, I get negative results. Neither return the query, and therefore anyone using a hotmail or gmail email address cannot use these functions on our website.

I have turned off email obsufication, and I have tested both plugins on other servers and they work perfect.


This is hard for me to understand. What are negative results? What query should be returned?
Please post the URL with instructions on how to reproduce the issue, and what to look for.


Ok so there’s 2 things.

On this page here, when you fill in the contact us box, Contact Us - Condor Campers
a message is sent to both yourself, and us, so we know who has contacted us, and so we can action it, however Cloudflare appears to be somehow blocking hotmail/gmail (maybe others also). So when you type this type of email in neither people receive a response.

Also, on this page: Online Quote - Condor Campers - Obtain your Online Quote - Book now! the user is able to input certain criteria and once submitted, both parties (them and us) receive a copy of the quote carried out on the website. In this instance when using gmail etc… WE receive a copy of the quote, however the user doesn’t as he would if he was using a different email extension.

Does that make sense?

I tried having it send a message to, but it never showed up. I suspect the message is getting blocked by spam blockers at Google/Hotmail/etc., though I’ve never seen mail-tester block a mail test.

Does mail get sent directly from your web server?

Have you looked through your server logs? Depending on how the mail is sent, it may be in a mail log, PHP log, or even Apache/NGINX log.

One option, but it’s no guarantee. I use Sendgrid to route my mail. It’s free for up to 100 emails per day. There’s a plugin I use that routes all my Wordpress email through them:

I don’t think this has anything to do with Cloudflare. It’s a mail delivery issue. I suggest making sure your DKIM or SPF records are configured correctly. My guess is the receiving email server is dropping the message because the FROM address domain (ex, does not match the sending server domain (your webserver’s configured name).

I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn’t find an SPF record. It has DKIM, though. No DMARC. Maybe a DMARC DNS TXT entry for _dmarc would help. The following entry tells mail hosts not to automatically reject or quarantine suspicious mail, but to report them to [email protected]

However, in my experience, is pretty lenient in accepting email, so not blocking due to DKIM/DMARC/SPF, but alerting instead.

At least Sendgrid has an Activity log, so you can easily track outbound mail.

Ah ok perfect, thanks I’ll take a look at the above suggestions.

Did any of you have any advice on the online query also?? do you think this could be the same issue?

They seem be the same problem.

The only thing I can think of is mail sends from your webserver, but because it’s behind Cloudflare, the sending IP address doesn’t match the public IP address for your domain.

Ah ok brilliant.

Unfortunately I’m not very techy, and my web designer is the admin for the website so I’m not too sure where to find and change these!!

I’ll get in touch with him, let him know the findings and fingers crossed he can change them.

You should be able to add the DMARC entry here at Cloudflare in your DNS section. That might provide some clues. Google, etc, will send you a report once a day on any messages that failed…if the message made it to Google’s edge servers.

Ok cool, I’ll add that then…

In my DNS Section, only CNAME www condorcampers & A have the orange cloud symbol, is this as expected??

Everything else is still grey

Correct. Only your web server needs :orange:

Using sendmail or wpmail can be problematic and it’s unlikely after going over all your records that there is a dns mis-configuration (though it’s possible without actually seeing a screenshot or access).

The users that have voiced using Sendgrid are the way I do it and seeing you’re on WordPress just go get this plugin - POST SMTP Mailer – Email log, Delivery Failure Notifications, Chrome and Slack Support – WordPress plugin | (updated from an abandoned but great project this works out of the box perfectly). Get the free account and generate an api key and drop it in the plugin.

WARNING: there are 5 CNAME RECORDS you will have to generate using their white-label generator and this must be verified so the sg dkim and everything works seamlessly. Once this is all set up correctly you’ll never have to worry about your host configuration for mail again.

Hey Stuart,
Thanks for that!!

Ok, I managed to muddle all my way through including adding the CNAME records, however I think I misconfigured something within the plugin.

I could not get it to send a test email, and when I did get an email I got the below error message:
You getting this message because an error detected while delivered your email.
You are welcome to post a support issue.
The log to paste with your support issue:
{“errors”:[“The provided authorization grant is invalid, expired, or revoked”],“message”:“error”}

The mail domain on the plugin I used is my normal email domain, is that correct or should I have used a Cloudflare one?


What MX records are you using?

I would recommend a GSuite (Google Apps) domain mail. If you offer a service or product a professional email address is standard. GSuite is only $5/month for a user.

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