Cloudflare blocking Clerk

We want to include clerk recommendations in our mailup newsletter but clerk seem to be blocked from fetching our images so we are unable to show product images inside the newsletter.

Clerk is telling us the following:
We had a similar issue with a customer 2 weeks ago and it gets solved by changing the CDN. following the guide that i have share previously. Usually this kind of issue is related to your firewall server blocking Clerk from calling the images from another server, We show the images in the data > products as we are calling the pictures from your server, But with the embedded recommendations, we are taking the images url from our server. And perhaps your firewall is blocking Clerk because we are not taking the images from your website url, just instead calling them from our sever for the embedded recs.

We already added a rule in cloudflare to allowlist clerk IP but it does not work yet

  1. allowlist our IP
  2. allowlist our user-agent, which is called clerk-XYZ.
  3. allowlist our Jinja user-agent, which is called webkit2png or wkhtmltoimage.

Does anybody know how to make it work?

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