Cloudflare blocking changes to php.ini

Hi there. I have a problem to make changes to my php.ini. I contact with my host because i will to add an extension to php.ini, but my hosting support says to me the following:
“It seems the Cloudflare name server is interfering with the php.ini files.When AI try to run an editini command it aborts.”

Can you help me with this?

It is not clear what they were trying to say but if I take that statement at face value my only suggestion can be take all your data from that host and run as fast as you can. That explanation is - pardon - utter rubbish. In short, find a competent host.

But, what are you trying to achieve and what does not work?

Hi Sandro thanks for anwser me. I must to add an extension to my php.ini. The extension is the php_soap.dll
This need i to conect a plugin in my wordpress. Because i dont have to a cpanel in my hosting, i must contact to support to add this. When he try to add this extension he anwsered what i say up on this topic.
How can i do to add this extension in my php.ini without being interfered with by Cloudflare? Is really interfering Cloudflare with this?


Enabling/adding an extension to PHP is completely and utterly unrelated to Cloudflare whatsoever, that is something that is exclusively happening on the server in question.

If you want to try something different, use the Overview page here and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site.”

Don’t forget to UnPause it when you’re done.

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