Cloudflare blocking bingbot crawl

Using Cloudflare free account.

my domain is not being crawled because Cloudflare is blocking bingbot. There are instructions from Cloudflare to temporarily disable WAF rules to allow bing to scan and then restore WAF rules once crawled.

However, I cant follow these instructions to save my life. Does anyone have experience with allowing bingbot on the free account?

May I ask you to share the link of the particular instructions and tutorial you’ve folloed? :thinking:

On which step did you stopped?

but they just dont match the free account.
ps i have not made any custom rules in cloudflare free

Do you see blocked requests from Bing under the Security → Events tab? :thinking:

If so, could you share a bit detail what kind of Cloudflare service blocked the request? Was it WAF, Managed WAF, Browser Integrity Check, etc.?

Could you share a link to the steps you’ve tried so far?

What is your Minimum TLS version set at Cloudflare → SSL → Edge Certificates? :thinking:

I’d suggest you following the steps from the below:

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