CloudFlare BLOCKING Backups?

I am trying to troubleshoot some issues I am having. I have WPMUDEV with Snapshot Pro running backups on my website. I activated CloudFlare, and full-page caching, via SiteGround, and since then Snapshot Pro has stopped working.

In my logs I can see it is being blocked. I have been given IP Addresses to put into the Firewall to allow access, but these have not worked.

Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this one?

Thank you kindly

You better try to whitelist the IP addresses under IP access rules in Firewall-Tools. That has a broader reach that firewall rules. Alternatively, you could try configuring your backup program to connect directly (either via IP address or an unproxied hostname) instead of going via the proxies.

Thank you. I have the IP Addresses in both Access Rules and Firewall Rules.

I think I am having issues with other WordPress plugin updates too.

Is this common? For the FW to block most plugins?

You should check your firewall events and find out why requests might get blocked. Based on that you could tweak your configuration further.

Are you sending/uploading backups via hostname, FTP, or?

Maybe you have some firewall rules that blocks executing .php file from /wp-content/ which is … in someway, needed?

Thanks everyone. I deactivated CloudFlare. Too much hassle lol

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