Cloudflare blocking access to two websites from Windows 10 laptop

For the first time I am getting blocked from accessing two websites I have visited in the past by Cloudflare. I get the Error 1020 Ray ID: 68bac3d11d270cc1. It says it is blocking my IP address…which is the IP address of my Netgear Router. Interestingly, I am able to access both websites from my Android, and one I was able to access on my Windows 7 laptop (but I prefer not to use that one on the internet due to discontinuance of support.) Those IP addresses are the same one that is being blocked as they access the wifi via the same router. So the issue is specific to my Windows 10 laptop.

Via Social Media, I was able to contact one of the websites, but they don’t seem to be willing to access their Firewall Event Log in order to perhaps offer some insights as to why I am being blocked.

I tried a release and renew of my router IP in the admin settings, but it keeps giving me the same one. Netgear is no help, insisting I contact Cloudflare. (Why do these support people seem so unwilling to offer support? At least my ISP was able to tell me that my broadcast IP was that of my router and gave me Netgear’s number.) I have tried the usual…clearing browser cache, history. I’ve tried renewing my laptop IP address and clearing my DNS cache.

I am at a loss as to why this is occurring only on my Windows 10 laptop. All of my devices use the same Webroot security. Does anyone have any thoughts?

To be clear, Cloudflare hasn’t made the choice to block your access. The site owners have increased their security setting(s).

There are many ways to set blocking criteria (ASN, Country, User Agent String, etc), and they can be combined. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do, as the site owner has made a choice that only they can explain.

And I certainly understand that. When website admin folks are either incognito or hide behind company customer service folks it’s hard to reach out to them. Support folks are all pointing to Cloudflare as the culprit and I know that it’s the website administrators. I was hoping that someone here could perhaps offer some insights. Thank you for responding.

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Well…I found my solution by contacting Microsoft. Since the issue was limited to my Windows 10 laptop, the support tech changed my DNS server address and had me enter the sites using Internet Explorer. That worked! So, I have added IE compatibility mode to my Edge browser. Can anyone explain to me why this worked?

That would fall under blocking criteria, such as User Agent String (your browser telling the server what software it’s running).

Thank you very much! I appreciate this information…which I likely could have gotten from the website administrator had they been accessible.


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