Cloudflare blocking a specific computer on my network

I am not a cloudflare user, but cloudflare itself is giving me a hard time and I have searched the internet for the last couple months not to find a solution.

When I try to access a number of different sites on my computer I am met with a cloudflare block, but sometimes it will go away, but majority of the time it will stay. This only happens on the computer connected to my network, any other devices can access that same site absolutely fine.

Any suggestions on what the issue may be?

I’d scan that machine for malware, make sure the OS & browser are up to date.

Technically, the owner of the property is using cloudflare to prevent traffic to their site that they do not want. Sometimes that’s because of where you’re located, sites you’ve visited that have injected malware on your system, or the IP address of your machine or network. It’s not a decision that cloudflare made nor is it something that cf can affect.

Scan, update, run privacy pass and check your IP reputation.

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