Cloudflare blocked my IP several times
This is the website from which I am being blocked from. This problem suddenly occurred, this has never happened to me before. “Error 1020 - This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.” has been popping up whenever I try to visit the website and this is also linked to why one of my softwares isn’t working.
When I tried using a vpn to connect to this website, it worked but didn’t work for all the other pages in this page.

I expected to visit this website to report an error in their software but it showed this error.
I haven’t tried to do anything regarding this problem yet since I don’t see anything I can do.
Screen shot of the problem-

This shows my exact problem ^^
Would appreciate your help!

This error shows up when the website you are trying to visit has a firewall rule that blocks some visitors based on a number of factors, such as a list of user agents, IP addresses, IP address ranges, AS Number, country (or countries) the visitor is coming from, query strings etc. etc. etc.

We cannot tell what rules are in place for any given website. You’d need to contact the website owner to inquire why you are being blocked, or to request that you (your IP or user agent) be whitelisted to avoid the block.


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