Cloudflare blocked my domain, support aren't replying


I tried to use Cloudflare Pages and after spending a while trying to fix an error when adding a custom domain, I contacted some people in the workers discord and they also tried to fix it with me.

The error I had was the following,
When adding a custom domain to Cloudflare Pages I would get this error: Inactive (Error)

The people on the discord couldn’t help and told me to contact support. This was extremely hard as my plan is a free plan so y’know, I’m not worthy of any human support even if the issue is something on cloud flares backend.

So I contacted the account support instead and hoped they’d see that my case is something genuine and that they’d forward me to a real person. I was met by an automated reply telling me that again I’m too cheap to recieve support. I wrote back to the automated reply and received another automated reply. Which I again wrote back to.

This time I was more lucky, my case was finally seen by a human. This is the reply I got from them:

The domain was listed under a different account in the past, which is now in a locked state. Please write to us from that old account so we can provide more details on why it is locked and help unlock it for you so you can do the needful on the site.

So I wrote back and explained that I bought the domain from the original owner when I took over the project and added it to my own Cloudflare account. I was not aware of any issues the old owner had and that Cloudflare should resolve these with me.

However, it has been 2 or 3 days now and I have not received any further communication.

I decided to ask the old owner to contact support and so they did and went through the whole replying to the auto reply like I did.

Again, it has been a few days and they’ve heard nothing back either.

So now I am asking the community and hoping someone who works at Cloudflare sees this and can help me restore full features on the domain.

Cloudflare works on the domain without an issue, I would never have known it was locked if I had not attempted to add a page to it. There is no message in either of our dashboards, no emails with notices etc.

Caching, rules, dns etc works fine. It just seems Pages (and presumably workers) are blocked for the domain.

Please tell me what I need to do to have the domain unblocked. This is a high traffic domain and I am remaking the site. Under new ownership I am changing how it operates and in doing so I plan on making it Serverless, using Cloudflare to do this.



May I ask what is your domain name?

Furthermore, if you contacted Cloudflare Support, may I ask you to post a ticket number here?

Thank you in advance!

Domain name is in the quoted text.

But some form of the site is loading.

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But some form of the site is loading

While I waited for Cloudflare to respond I changed the site back to my own servers since I have not gone full Serverless yet.

I have finally had a reply from Cloudflare, it seems the old owner of the domain didn’t pay a bill and the domain was therefore locked.

post a ticket number

The ticket number is 2283657



The issue is fixed now