Cloudflare blocked my account?

Hey! Cloudflare has blocked my account, I can’t manage my domain, and it gives an error; DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

I don’t know why, someone help me please. My application went offline.

  1. code: 10000
  2. message: “Registration access forbidden: account blocked”

This is the error I get from Cloudflare

I didn’t break any Cloudflare rights, I need a quick answer, because I’m losing customers with the application down.

Its strange because the E-Mail Clearly States that the Block should not disable any Services while this is beeing checked, but when your Account is blocked the Community cant help your with this Problem. Only Cloudflares Trust and Safety Team can help you with this Problem

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Got it, how do I contact the Cloudflare team?

In the E-Mail you got is a E-Mail Address which you can reply too. This will reach the Trust and Safety Team

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I received this email that I had not seen, how do I recover my account? The link in the email is expired

I will escalate your post here for my colleagues in #general:billing, can you also respond to the abusereply email address and ask them to send you a new link?


I replied yesterday afternoon, and I’m waiting for a response from you now… I lost some customers so I’m a bit of a rush to the team.


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Thank you, sorry for the delay. Once customers are escalated to Trust & Safety we can no longer see the tickets but I will follow up with the #general:billing team today.


Thanks, I’ll be waiting…

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