Cloudflare blocked my account

i can’t login in my account, i’m getting error “Wrong password or email, code (1022)”, but my credentials are correct, i think cloudflare really blocked my account

Hi @adultcherry I show the account as deleted.

Why my account is deleted?

Answer please.


Sorry, I was afk, can you mail support AT cloudflare DOT com and include a link to this thread. When you receive a ticket number back, share it here so that I can track it.

Can i write from other email?

It should be from the account in question in order for the team to work with you.

How i suppose to write in support if i can’t login in account? When i’m trying to press Submit ticket, cloudflare redirects me to login page

Via email, as below:

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support AT cloudflare DOT com

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Do an @ symbol where it says at.


support AT cloudflare DOT com?

That’s correct. In email. From the email address you had on the deleted account.


I see the ticket and added myself to it. I also ensured it is open in the proper queue. Will close out the thread here in favor of the ticket 2268364

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I think by account is deleted because i said cloudflare is disqusting service, because you, guys, took my money when i canceled my subscription, but ok, not about this now, i still want use your Free plan, unblock or recover my account please.

Hi @adultcherry,

As said before, please continue this discussion in ticket #2268364. The community cannot help you with this.

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