Cloudflare block my blogs admin consol

Cloudflare block my blogs admin consol and post redactor and some pluggins. Photo is here …


Where does this problem come from?

Do you get that error all the time or only intermittently?

Right now it works, but your site is not behind Cloudflare. The error would indicate your server is not reachable from Cloudflare’s side.

Is it my host?

Impossible to say with the present information. Your naked domain currently points to Cloudflare, however only forwards to your www record which goes directly to your server. I assume you configured that forward with a page rule, right?

But haw can I check it and to correct it?

What happens when you :orange: your www record?

I have two blogs and . And when I cloudflaer them I cannot enter in some pluggings and blog post redactor. Some buttons don’t work and appear the 522 error, as on my photo above.

Well, still pointing to the origin, that is something I cant reproduce.

My host checked my blogs and said they workihg good.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings?

Look at my DNS settings. Now my blog work without Cloudflare

They do look alright. And if you switch them to :orange: it wont work anymore?

did you check to make sure your server/web host and blogs see the visitor’s real IP address and not Cloudflare’s IP addresses and whitelisted Cloudflare’s IP addresses ?

Thats a good point, however that should be only log related and not result in a timeout.

Sandro, I don’t understand what happened. My sites workings good now. Yesterday I switched off Cloudflare and now I switched on Cloudflare.

Probably some local issue. Either there was some problem with your host or there was some temporary network issue between Cloudflare and your host. Glad its fixed.

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