Cloudflare block mobile application

clouflare blocking
I have a domain, that worked well from browsers & from mobile application. Then i migrate to cloudflare and i got error only in my mobile application(no connection to server check internet access), it works in browsers ok. I get this error only when option in DNS has status Proxied. When i change it to dns only, all works well. I don’t see any errors neither in cloudflare nor on my server. What is the cause of blocking?

Are you based in a country with a track record of Internet censorship?

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Considering you said it does work in browsers, it could be that you are running into a challenge and your application does not handle that but instead shows that error. In that case check your firewall event log and make the necessary security adjustments to let the application through the firewall, alternatively, you can also use client certificate authentication -

I don’t get challenge or something else in my browsers(desktop, mobile). there are no events in Activity log in cf account.

If you have nothing in your firewall event log, then Cloudflare won’t have blocked the request and you will need to debug the application.

What domain is it?

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