Cloudflare block adsense and ad network?

Hey There,
I have a vps inside of it has 4 domains one of it use cloudflare ssl and 3 of it arent use cloudflare, the thing is 3 of it ads are showing perfectly, and the domain that use cloudflare ssl are not showing ads or ad network even the site is just cloned.

Why thats happen? Is that could be resolved?

Hi @siblibusro,

Are all the websites using HTTPS and were they before you started using Cloudflare?

Can you share the domain and what isn’t showing?

hey @domjh
this is my web the ads is not showing.

I had a look at the page through Cloudflare and then did the same straight to your origin and I cannot see a difference. What is missing and how do you determine that Cloudflare is blocking it?

Through Cloudflare:

Bypassing Cloudflare:

Also, it seems that you do not have a valid certificate on your origin server, so you should check that.

yes ssl has issue with origin,
before the game played it should be ads, i clone all the script in other domain pplay*com work fine but with this domain using cloudflare is not working

How are you injecting these ads? Are you using a script with http instead of https and having mixed content problem perhaps?

@freitasm mixed content is not issue i compare to other domain, its use external js

Both are using https for those js scripts?

some using https and some not,

Mixed content” is when you have HTTP elements inside a HTTPS page.

Any HTTP element is automatically blocked by modern browsers when inside HTTPS. If it is an image it won’t show up. If it’s a script it won’t load/execute.

Check your code.

Mixed content - Web security | MDN (

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