Cloudflare blacklisted IP

I put my store behind Cloudflare as it was suffering from a DDOS attack.

However, I’m getting reports from customers that they now aren’t receiving email confirmations from orders.
It seems that the IP that Cloudflare has assigned my store is the same IP as a few other websites that have been blacklisted, therefore some customer’s email servers are blocking my store’s emails.

I need to either get Cloudflare to move my IP to something else, or ask them to check why the DNS settings for MailGun doesn’t work so we can use it for email sending. (At this time all is setup but for some reason they don’t show up for MailGun).

I’ve contacted Cloudflare, but they haven’t got back to me.


Hi @user7210,

This issue has been asked repeatedly in this community forum, please see previous answers to this question by using the search feature:

It often boils down to you setting up domain verification tools such as DKIM, SPF and DMARC. You may want to follow Mailgun’s instructions on how best to do it.

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