Cloudflare blacklist

Good morning, we are experiencing navigation problems within our company when we try to access certain websites. In particular, all these websites have the Cloudflare platform in common. Analyzing the situation better and running a tracert from any pc within the lan network we see that the packets exit correctly and are routed to Cloudflare, but we do not receive any response from it. We have already conducted many analyzes on our corporate infrastructure and we cannot find the problem.
How can i know if our IP are blacklisted by Cloudflare?

Could you share some examples of domains and IP addresses that are causing issues? There have been cases of European ISPs blocking Cloudflare IP ranges lately, but I’m not sure whether that’s also the issue here.

oh yes.
actually we are a company located in north of italy.
down here some website that we cannot reach: → galperti . com → mistralspecialparts. it - cabagaglio . it - refitstyle. com

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