Cloudflare Bits - Volume 2

Cloudflare Bits
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MVP Spotlight

Our featured MVP this month is @erictung a long time member and contributor to the Community. Eric loves cloud technology and has been implementing Cloudflare solutions for more than two years. He is well versed in helping organizations from various industries secure their web infrastructure and optimize their web applications using Cloudflare. Thank you, Eric!

Last Month’s Community Movement
New Topics Compared to Last Month 14,957 (- 7% )

New Members Compared to Last Month 6,661 ( +39% )

Last month we saw a 7% dropped in new topics, the MVPs must be doing a great job answering questions reducing the need for new topics! We also saw a massive 39% increase in new Cloudflare Community members compared to last month.

As the Cloudflare Community grows there will be a need for more MVPs to help answer questions and provide feedback to help us improve the Community experience. We select MVPs based on how users contribute to the Community, so the more we see you the more we notice you. For a chance to be featured in the Community Newsletter watch out for Question of the Week posts in the Community for more information.

This month’s newsletter is sponsored by Super Bot Fight Mode . It is believed that over 40% of all Internet traffic is comprised of bot traffic, and a significant portion of that is malicious bots. Super Bot Fight Mode is an easy one click solution to common bot problems.
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Project Galileo

If you are an organization working in the arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy, you can apply for Project Galileo to get Cloudflare’s cybersecurity protection, for free.

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Cloudflare uses a curated subset of billions of requests per day for machine learning, behavioral analysis, and fingerprinting from approximately 25 million Internet properties to accurately classify bots.

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