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Hey Cloudflare Community,

The new year is here, and we are kicking it off with a monthly Community newsletter featuring valuable insights you actually want to know. For a chance to be featured in the Community Newsletter watch out for Question of the Week posts in the Community for more information.

This month’s newsletter is sponsored by Argo Smart Routing . On average sites that have Argo Smart Routing enabled are 30% faster. Give it a try.
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What is Argo Smart Routing?

Argo is a service that uses optimized routes across the Cloudflare network to decrease loading times, increase reliability, and reduce bandwidth costs.

Enabling Argo activates Argo Smart Routing, reducing Internet latency by 30% and connection errors by 27% on average.

How does Argo Smart Routing work?

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So every month there will be a “Cloudflare bits” post that basically contains the community newsletter?

will the newsletter be updated in this thread or will it be different every month? I believe it would be better to have all next versions here. What do other folks think?

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I have the EXACT same question!

As long as we make news, we’ll make newsletters! Yes, this replaces the digest newsletter emails that the system was sending.

It will be a different post each month, but a consistent tag of #CloudflareBits so that you can click the tag and follow all volumes.

Fun bit, click the #CloudflareBits tag to go to Topics tagged cloudflarebits and the click the :bell: to get notified as you like about new volumes

We took a similar approach with the #serverlist


Done, I did that!

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I did the same. Is the release date fixed every month? When will it be is it is a fixed release date if you have considered that?

Not fixed but we’ll target midweek midmonth to send and will post here shortly after sending

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