Cloudflare Billing

If i specify active users as 50 and only 30 users logged in during the month, will i be charged for 30 users or 50 users?

alternatively, what will happen if number of users crossed the specified limit?


I’m by no means an expert, but when it comes to Cloudflare Zero Trust, the pricing is typically based on the number of active users within a given month. If you specify the active user count as 50, but only 30 users logged in during that month, you will be charged for the 30 users who actually logged in. Cloudflare will consider the number of active users who authenticate or access protected resources during the billing period.

If you are using the Zero Trust Free plan and you reach the limit of 50 users, you will not be able to add any additional users until you remove some of the existing ones. In order to accommodate more than 50 users, you have the flexibility to upgrade to a paid plan whenever you choose. There is no automatic billing or overage cost on Zero Trust Free.

I hope that this was helpful.