CloudFlare Billing needed changes

Right now when you purchase a ColudFlare plan, the day the plan starts becomes the renewal date. I would like to suggest Cloudflare switches to billing a full month on the 1st of each month and perform pro rata charges for plans that start on any other day of the month. This way Cloudflare will only have to perform a single charge to a customers card saving them on payment processing fees and also, having a single unified charge on customers bank accounts makes it easier to manage from an accounting perspective.

Also when cancelling plans, there are no options to cancel on the expiration date automatically. The only option is to cancel immediately and forfeit any remaining without any kind of refund. It’s not necessary to refund but having the option to cancel automatically before renewal would make it extremely convenient for customers.

Edit: I have transferred two domains at the same time to Cloudflare (added transfer codes for both domains on the same page) yet Cloudflare billed the company card twice.

Also, we need the ability to add multiple payment methods as backups in case one card fails, expires etc.

I can guess that the easier thing would be to at least add the button to not renew automatically.

The actual billing while it could be useful to have it on a specific date (like the first of the month) is currently on a single date. The invoicing/billing system needs some work though, as multiple invoices get generated for the same thing sometimes or multiple entries in the billing page point to the same invoice.

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