Cloudflare Billing is a mess


For my 2 domains that are with Cloudflare on the ‘Free’ plan, I must say the Cloudflare Billing system is a mess. First of all, on the Overview page, the ‘Next bill’ date changes every day to the current day, even though there isn’t any actual next bill due.


Now, take a look at how the Free plan is represented in the Billing section (this is probably the source of the problem):

I’ve only been with Cloudflare for a few days, but I get the impression that in general there is not much attention paid to detail.

Why are threads closed when the issue is unresolved?
Why are threads closed when the issue is unresolved?

Cloudflare has been upgrading the billing service, it could be related to that.

Don’t you just love this kind of information errors for free services, at $0. :heart:

An issue would be being charged for free service. :wink:


I did think somebody would probably come along and make a comment about how I should just be so grateful.

Actually, if you look at the screenshot, you can see that I’ve already paid Cloudflare for domain registration at least. And I have no problem paying for upgrades and other services as necessary.

But I don’t believe there’s an excuse that just because a service is being offered for free, that nobody should point out any faults. Anybody looking at the screenshots I’ve posted can see that clearly there’s a problem, and that the way information is presented is sub-optimal.

Even at the free level, it gives a poor impression of the overall service, when there is lack of attention to detail.

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Why did you close my discussion thread?

The issue is not resolved, I’ve received no feedback from anybody at Cloudflare, and the “solution” you’ve marked as the answer is actually just somebody else complaining about me even raising the issue. The billing upgrade work is already completed in the past, yet my screenshots I posted are current.

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Hi @Parronym, combining threads & re-opening. Thread was closed as the root cause of your issue is the billing migration that was ongoing. The team is currently working through issues that were introduced by the migration, but this community of other users cannot assist with billing and account issues. If you have a ticket that is open with support and you’re awaiting a reply, can you share that here? I’d like to keep tabs on it with support.



Thanks. For future reference may I suggest that I don’t think it’s good form closing threads without any explanation.

I’ve got a related ticket open with support (Request #1635179) which nobody at Cloudflare has responded to for several days. That one relates to the invoice for my purchase missing my address even though I’d entered it along with my cards details. As you can see, my initial experiences coming over to Cloudflare have been rather underwhelming.

Regarding the reply from @adaptive rushing to Cloudflare’s defence and suggesting that money has something to do with my right to raise attention to an issue, I don’t consider that to be useful, and I’d appreciate it if you could unmark it as the “Solution”.


I see the ticket in process, cc’d myself on it and added a link to this thread. I noted that there are additional questions you have on the invoice aside from address. I assume it will take the team another week to work through the issues and I’ll see when they update.



Thanks. I’m not sure what additional questions you’re referring to, apart from the address. I’ve just re-read the support ticket now and there’s no mention of anything apart from the fact that I entered my address in the payment method section (which didn’t seem to take) and then the address was missing from the invoice, and is still missing from the invoice.


Just the wtf clarifications questions posted in the images, last billed, status, and next bill.


Oh, OK, those are here in this thread, not in the support ticket we were just talking about. The support ticket which has not been responded to for several days and only covers a single topic (address).

Thanks for CC’ing yourself on that support ticket. Hopefully somebody can look into it soon.


I have a similar issue. I am not able to set payment method, because system throws Internal server error and nobody replied to my ticket ID: 1640080. @cloonan Billing system upgrade should be completed since 9th February 2019 against status page " Billing System Upgrade Feb 9, 00:00 UTC Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed." Is it possible to discuss it with someone responsible, please?


Me too, my problem has been happen 12 days ago . @clooan also said Billing team very busy in this time and they will review my problem… but dont have any answer or review about my problem…
Please, help us…



Well, as you can no doubt see in the ticket details, after several weeks of chasing by me, Cloudflare Support finally responded to the issue I raised about Cloudflare providing me an invalid invoice which is missing my address details.

And all they can say is:
“At this time we cannot retroactively update invoice details. Sorry for the inconvenience”

This is truly pathetic from Cloudflare.

In summary: I made a purchase, I provided all the necessary address details along with my card details, Cloudflare messed up the invoice, I then spent weeks chasing, and then finally I’m told there’s nothing Cloudflare can do about it – tough luck.

And there’s still no mention of the other issues I raised in the first message of this forum thread.

Epic FAIL by Cloudflare, in every regard.


Hi @Parronym, sorry for the issues you encountered. I see the support team and support lead are following up with the billing engineers, I’ll keep tabs on that progress.