Cloudflare BGP session

Hello everybody.

I’m having connection problem with Cloudflare’s BGP peering, where I have a response to the neighbor’s ping but the connection is not established.

I send emails to [email protected] and [email protected] but I don’t have answer.

Could someone help me by letting me know which contact I should talk to to check this BGP connection problem?

Hi there,

Just for context, are you an owner/admin/NOC perhaps?

Thank you.

Hello, yes, i’m a Telecom NOC.

Hi there,

Are you able to create a free Cloudflare account?
From the dashboard, please use the link to create a Support ticket.

Kindly include your trouble and trace/MTRs for Cloudflare Network Team to investigate further.

Please advise the ticket number here so I can bring this to the Team’s attention as well.

Thank you.

Hello oshariff,

I tried, but in the end only the options “start over”, “account home” and “cloudflare community” appear.

Could you help me which is the correct option to select?

Hi there,

No worries. I have created a ticket #2855539.

Please confirm if you have received an email from Support.
Kindly respond to that ticket and we can work it out from there.

Thank you.

Yes, i received, thank you!

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