CloudFlare being flagged as spam by Gmail

Hi folks,

I’ve noticed that lately a number of completely legit (incoming to me) emails have been falling into my Gmail spam folders, with the banner reading:

Why is this message in spam?
Lots of messages from were identified as spam in the past.

I’ve only noticed this recently and I’m guessing it’s happening to more than just me – is there something I can do to prevent this? Or is this something Cloudflare will need to work with Google on?


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While Cloudflare Email Routing can be used with Gmail, results will be inconsistent due to reasons beyond Cloudflare’s control.

The only reliable solution is to not forward to Gmail. I stopped all forwarding to Gmail years before Cloudflare Email Routing was even in beta. It is far more consistent to pull messages into Gmail using POP3 polling of a mailbox. The mailbox size is largely irrelevant since messages are removed during polling. It also adds the benefit of the mailbox SMTP server being available to relay outbound mail from Gmail.

It is important to understand the limitations of email forwarding when choosing to use it with a domain. If reliability is paramount, you need to be able to exert influence at the destination as well as the forwarding relay. This is typically not possible with Gmail or other freemail providers.

Thanks, appreciate the advice. While in no way meaning to contradict you, and totally understanding that there are better ways to achieve this, it feels odd that the spam false-positive rate has spiked in the last few days. I wondered if something had changed or whether it might be possible to escalate here as I suspect it’ll be affecting a wider number of users than just me :slight_smile:


I understand what you are hoping for. Searching for similar topics in the Community will reveal that the spam rate is in constant flux and Google adjusts their handling as they see fit. The most common response is deferral with a 4XX response that should be automatically retried later by the sending relay. It is just the price of using forwarding with a freemail provider in these times.

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