Cloudflare being blocked by Anti Virus software

I randomly have sites which I can use as there seems to be some conflict between my Antivirus software and Cloudflare. Mainly bank websites, I can get to the website but either get error messages when I try to click on links. I disabled Pop-up blocker, add the websites to my trusted website lists. I tried getting a Cloudflare Privacy Pass but the last screen I get to says that the website is being blocked by my extensions, I’ve dsiabled all extensions and it still doesn’t work and I’ve tried the same on Edge and still getting the same errors so I think it is the anti-virus software. I’ve tried disabling the anti-virus software and even got Norton to log onto my machine and they disabled everything and said it wasn’t their software. Any suggestions what else I can try?

Which bank uses Cloudflare? it could be a phished domain using Cloudflare.

It’a a legitmatw bank/website and I can see references to Cloudflare in some of the messages that come back so I am assuming they use Cloudflare.

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