Cloudflare became my site host?

I am not sure what is happening, so I will list everything as it happened in the order it happened.

  1. A long time ago, I made a site with hostgator hosting, a namescheap domain, and cloudflare security.
  2. I tried to change the permalinks on my wordpress site.
  3. All my permalinks broke
  4. I contacted hostgator for support and was directed to do some .htaccess coding
  5. the error persisted
  6. the person helping me said that my site ( is being hosted by cloudflare according to the DNS as show on this link: Whois

My confusion stems from the last part. I was under the impression that cloudflare is more like a midway point that stands between hostgator and namescheap. Did I miss something?

You didn’t, you are absolutely right. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy service which simply proxies to your actual host. The information that person gave you is incorrect I am afraid.

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Then, just to confirm, any changes I make on hostgator will still reflect on my site?

Also, under what section/tab can I see that hostgator is flowing through cloudflare? I suppose I am asking where did I input the hostgator DNS codes into cloudflare? I am asking on the chance the next person needs some proof that hostgator is still the host?

Thank you for clearing things up for me

Absolutely, unless responses are temporarily cached on Cloudflare’s side, in which case you either wait until they expire in the cache or you active purge the cache. You can also temporarily use Development Mode on Cloudflare.

Your host’s IP addresses should be in the DNS part of the control panel, which is where you configure all DNS related settings.

I’d also recommend to check out and #tutorials, as those cover most questions.

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Thank you for all your help.

Another thing you can do is pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right), in which case proxying will be paused and your site will resolve directly to your server. You’ll be only using Cloudflare’s DNS servers then.

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