Cloudflare be the registrar if nameservers point to another server

Can Cloudflare be the registrar even if nameservers are pointed to another server short term or even operate if they stay pointed at another server?

This related to having a large number of domains I don’t want going to squarespace from google as registrar and while I normally want my DNS to be cloudflare some domains are using other settings.

I have noticed this year, when my domain switch away from cloudflare, cloudflare cleans house and removes them. I don’t think this occurs for domain that are still serving sub domain ns records but i’d like to know if anyone has insight.

Ultimately, are there other option to bulk transfer from google to another trusted registrar that works well for those that do have nameservers pointed to cloudflare and arent like godaddy and squarespace where they are going to likely pitch lots of junk services just to get renewals or any other adjustment done?

The add-a-site guide doesn’t make this clear that I saw.

Cloudflare’s registrar is offered at-cost as a benefit for people using Cloudflare DNS. You can’t use other nameservers with it.


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