Cloudflare basic + bluehost / issues


First off, I’m extremely green with these issues, but willing to learn. :slight_smile:

I’m on bluehost and after activating cloudflare basic through their panel, my site started performing really great and everything seemed fine, until I tried to update an older post with faq and embedded iframe content on it and got: 'Updating Failed. The Response is Not a Valid JSON Response error.
I contacted the host and ofc they didn’t help (the person I contacted said that she couldn’t see any issues), and even failed to mention that it was through the activation itself that ssl got turned off and together with it my https.
(I thought I switched it off by accident, but later learned it’s a trade-off (!), either ssl or cloudflare)

Another thing is that I couldn’t pause or disable cloudflare myself to check for any errors - it has to be done via host.
So, my question is - can I use cloudflare basic on bluehost shared plan without the above mentioned trade-off, if I set it up from here instead of using the bluehost panel? And another question - if I set it up from here and it still causes issues, are there any issues after disabling it?



Yes, you can use Cloudflare Basic on Bluehost shared plan without the mentioned trade-off if you set it up directly from Cloudflare instead of using the Bluehost panel. If you encounter any issues, you can pause or disable Cloudflare at any time from the Cloudflare dashboard. Remember to adjust SSL/TLS settings to Full (strict) to avoid mixed content errors or problems with HTTPS.


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